Strath Shepard

Title: Installation of published work creative directed by Strath Shepard. NFS.
Materials:  Paper, metal and magnets.
Title: 'Pacific Standard'.
Materials: A 220 page/zero ad’s publication (with limited gold/silver foil covers) featuring NW fashion photography. $40 (cash only) on opening night.

Bio:  A Northwest native, Strath Shepard spent nearly a decade in New York as a graphic designer and art director before returning to Seattle in 2008 and launching his own design studio, as well as a gallery/event space, Land Management. With co-creative and editorial director Emily Smith. Strath published Pacific Standard Magazine in 2012, a chronicle of the creative past, present, and future of the Great Northwest. He has produced work for Visionaire, V Magazine, Martha Stewart, the European Union, and the American Museum of Natural History, among others, and is currently a creative director at Nordstrom.

Artist Statement:  I would say I am equally interested in the Northwest's, past, present, and future, and how it is portrayed in images from both documentary and aspirational points of view.