Sara Moskovitz

Title: Untitled.
Materials: 60" x 25", made of chicken wire and tissue paper.

Bio: Sara was born and raised just off North Lombard Street in Portland, OR. After acting as wardrobe stylist on several shoots she sought out sewing classes, which led to an interest in pattern making and construction. It is in mashing together these obsessions that she has found, "ridiculous amounts of joy". Her experience includes the following: Apparel Design Program, Portland Community College, Portland Pattern Maker, Atelier Nicolas Caito, New York Fashion Week F/W 2011, New York Pattern Maker, Cadet, New York Pattern Maker, The Portland Collection, Pendleton, Portland.

Artist Statement: Brianne and I have collaborated many times on shoots just for the hell and fun of doing it. The vision for the photos in this series was Wintery and monotone. Because the settings at Sauvie Island are so grand, I wanted to make a look that felt like it could hold its own in that space. And I enjoy spending a ton of hours creating things.