What: 'Notions of Beauty: NW Fashion Photography NOW'.

Where: Steven Goldman Gallery at The Portland Art Institute 1122 NW Davis, Portland, OR.

When: May 1 to June 1, 2014.

On view: Large-format prints, video, installation, and objects.

Info: Please join us for the survey exhibition, 'Notions of Beauty: NW Fashion Photography NOW', at The Steven Goldman Gallery in downtown Portland at The Portland Art Institute, opening night, May 1, 2014, 5-8pm. 8:30 after-party at the brand new Sentinel/Governor Hotel's Jackknife.

Contact: Please send press, collection, and interview inquiries to the curator, Christine Taylor,


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Details: A multidisciplinary exhibition surveying the personal visions on style and beauty of Northwest fashion photographers, creative directors, and stylists.

Fashion is so much more than clothing, it is an expression and a cultural statement about how to live, what we find inspirational, and what we desire. Photographers hold their own views on what is fashionable, views that revolve around tone, light, form and composition - in addition to fashion and trend. Alas in a more commercial era of lower budgets, the deadpan white walled lookbook, Instagram, and cameras that think for us, creative ideas with spirited viewpoints on beauty are often lost in translation. So we find ourselves asking, what is the independent creative testimony behind contemporary fashion photography? 'Notions of Beauty', attests to the Cascadia regions extraordinary image makers dedicated to fashion - those who have developed a regular practice exploring allurement to make their own testimonies on beauty.

Featuring work by: Holly Andres, Megumi Shauna Arai, Rafael Astorga, Lindsey Avenetti, JD White, Julia Barbee, Willyum Beck, Hannah Piper BurnsTheresa Crim, April Brimer, Brendan Coughlin, Carmen Daneshmandi, Ashley Helvey, Dane Kyckelhahn, Bryan Kyckelhahn, Evie McShane, Sara Moskovitz, Jason Parker, Elizabeth Rudge, Charlie Schuck, Strath Shepard, Emily Smith, Robin Stein, Cara Swift, Christine Taylor, BriAnne Wills, and Hana Ryan Wilson.

Sponsored in part by Digicraft, Portland's professional quality photo lab for printing processing from film or digital files.  (link through)

Contributors:  Annin Barrett, Digicraft, J. Brown, Sasha Burchuk, Michael Lazarus, Salvatore Reda and all of the models, hair & makeup stylists, and wardrobe stylists (you know who you are, we cant do this without you).

Special Thanks
:  Sue Bonde, Sarah Margolis-Pineo, Lisa Radon, Juliet Sanders, and The Museum of Contemporary Craft. 

This exhibition is dedicated to all of the talented people who work on our fashion shoots. Without them, none of this could happen. You know who you are. Thank you.