JD White

Title: 'I Got Your Back Craig'.
Materials: Digital photography.
Title: 'Thanks For The Hand Craig'
Materials: Digital photography

Bio: JD White was born and raised in southern California and has called Portland his home for the last ten years. He received his BFA in Photography from Pacific Northwest College of Art, where his work confronted taboos in heterosexual masculinity through self-portraits and object based art. He is currently investigating the world of fashion as the In-House Photographer at Solestruck.com as well as working with local fashion designer Elizabeth Harrison of Hello-Eliza. JD just welcomed his first child, Zander James, into the world on January 1st and credits him with his recent string of good fortune.

Artist Statement:  I’ve been looking at way too much work from Guy Bourdin and the wonderful minds behind ToiletPaper Magazine, Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.   So…