Hana Ryan Wilson

Title: 'Ledger'.
Materials: Ink and paper publication. Limited number available FREE at Notions of Beauty exhibition.

Bio: Along with Jason Parker, a creative partner and founding member of Craft & Culture, an online boutique that spotlights the world of independent design. Hana Ryan Wilson graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Comparative History of Ideas, and is co-creating a fashion publication called Ledger. craftandculture.com

Artist Statement: Craft and Culture formed in early 2011 with the goal of introducing talented and independent designers to an audience of like-minded people. We felt many amazing artisans, specifically in the worlds of fashion and home objects were lacking the platform and exposure they needed to find their audience. Craft and Culture believes products made by hand and carefully crafted from fine materials are more powerful and valuable than those that are mass-produced. As a gathering place for quality design and craftsmanship, we are looking to create an increasingly vibrant community of artists.