Evie McShane

Title: Untitled, a part of the editorial spread, 'Poseidon'.
Materials: Digital photography.

Bio:  Evie McShane, is from Michigan and grew up between various states such as Georgia, Virginia, and Indiana. She joined the Army and served in Afghanistan where she found an interest for photography. She is a graduate of The Art Institute in southern California, and recently moved to Portland, OR and is presently a student at The Portland Art Institute working towards her BFA.  evielanephoto.com

Artist Statement:  Photography allows me to explore the subtle nature of telling a story with a person/s and then the viewer is left to decide its meaning. My choice of subject comes from my interest in ideas about beauty, the human experience, and emotional connections. I like for my work to be subtle, de-saturated and minimal with black and white being a preference. My idea was simply to showcase Dylan’s unique features in an interesting way. The concept of a male beauty shoot is not something you see all the time. The full spread was published in Sessions Magazine in June of 2013.