Christine Taylor

Title: 'Spittle'.
Materials: Digital photography. (Featuring earrings by Demimonde).
Title: 'Baby Blues'.
Materials: Digital photography. (Featuring rings by Cara Swift).
Title: 'Punx Not Dead' - collaboration with Hannah Piper Burns.
Materials: Stop-motion video.

Bio: Born in Seattle, Christine is a collaborator, educator, and maker, focused on producing personality driven editorial and advertising photography. She is the Photographic Art Director for Core77's Hand-Eye Supply, and a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Client list at

Artist Statement: Growing up in a region known for its DIY culture and a desire to live wild, the Northwest has distinctly shaped my creativity and photography. As both a commercial and conceptual image maker, when photographing fashion, I have been committed to making statements that imply an expressive casual style focused on defining a tone of confident spirited femininity, with hints at rebelliousness.  I tend to work with models whom I select based on them embodying those traits, and are also makers in their own right.  Collaboratively we improvise, and subltely toy with the viewers comfort zone while bringing into question what is seductive.