Carmen Daneshmandi

Title: 'Dolce Vita'.
Materials:  Video.

Bio:  Carmen Daneshmandi is a fashion, portrait, and fine art photographer and videographer. Coming from an Iranian-Spanish background, and equipped with both fine art and commercial studio training, she is creatively empowered and excited by mixed cultures, mixed beauty, mixed media, and the never ending hunt for the spark.  Clients and collaborations include Seattle Met Magazine, Seattle Met Bride & Groom Magazine, Dossier Journal, Contributor Magazine, Dolce Vita Footwear, Rivet & Sway, Artsy, Love City Love, Kaleidoscope Vision, Gold Coast Trading, Rachel Ravitch Jewelry, and Alisha Roney.

Artist Statement:  An atmospheric video look book that follows one model's footing through otherwordly desert landscapes, heated colors, and the fine line between her realities and mirage.