Bryan Kyckelhahn

Titles: Untitled.
Materials: Film.
Title: Untitled.
Materials:  Film.

Bio:  Bryan Kyckelhahn graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a double B.A. degree in Film and Mass Communication. During his years in Pittsburgh, he participated in installation and performance art, and was included in the Pittsburgh Biennial. He currently lives in Portland Oregon where he consistently looks for his next adventure; his camera always in tow. His photography has been featured in various online publications such as Vice magazine and He has also exhibited his work internationally in Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Vancouver B.C. This will be his first time exhibiting in Portland, Oregon.

Artist Statement:  Moving to the Northwest, I noticed the open-mindedness and creativity of the area, especially with fashion. Using my camera, I was able to document and create a dreamlike state of reality, capturing bizarre yet beautiful moments. Under the guise of a shoot, a real adventure unfolds. I tend to draw moments from the reality that I live in to create a feeling that might be distorted in the picture. The viewer is left to wonder if the image was staged or opportunistic. The juxtaposition between the bizarre and the beautiful, the identified and the anonymous, fear and safety are all present in these little hidden moments. Each character asks for explanation. The photos are less about the process of image making and more about the world created through the collaboration of the photographer and subject.