BriAnne Wills

Title: Untitled from the series, 'Mystic'.
Materials: Digital photography.

Bio:  BriAnne Wills graduated from the University of Oregon in 2007 with a degree in Journalism, and is a self-taught photographer from Portland, OR. BriAnne has spent the last three years photographing and living abroad with her husband. She presently lives back in the NW where she is working on her portfolio while spending time with family and friends.

Artist Statement:  For my photography, I choose to work with models that exude a quiet confidence and appear stoic. “Mystic", was a project based on a monochromatic vision I wanted to elaborate, which consisted of a single-color look for each shot. Stylist Sara Moskovitz took my vision and tailored her creations specifically for this shoot, resulting in a fairytale-esque wonderland.